Checkout the Kentucky Fried Chicken Specials for your local KFC!

Aside from the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken meals, KFC also offers several Kentucky Fried Chicken Specials. These dishes combine different flavors and spices and come in several options to ensure that every KFC customer will be satisfied. The next time you visit a KFC joint, try out one of these specials and you can never go wrong:

Famous Bowls – One of meals you can choose from on the Kentucky Fried Chicken Specials is their Famous Bowls. The Famous Bowls come in three distinct variants; the Mashed Potato Bowl, the Rice Bowl and the Chicken and Biscuit Bowl. As the name of the options suggests, these bowls are filled with a combination of sweet corn and pieces of the famous KFC chicken together with the variant that you choose. Topping this combination is KFC’s special gravy and an ample amount of three different shredded cheeses. A taste of this Kentucky Fried Chicken Special will surely leave you wanting more.

KFC Wings – Now this is a treat, just think of how tasty it can be if you can have your favorite KFC chicken wings drenched in a special sauce. The wings are specially seasoned, breaded and crispy fried and the sauces come in three varieties; Sweet and Spicy, Honey BBQ, and Fiery Buffalo. Try out the 8 Piece Chicken Wing Meal and you have yourself a treat. The meal comes with two side orders of your choice and a buttermilk biscuit.

Variety Big Box Meal – If you can’t decide what special meal to order and want to taste almost every single dish on the Kentucky Fried Chicken Specials, then you should try the Variety Big Box Meal. This meal comes with a Crispy Strip, a drumstick, a Popcorn Chicken and two choices of side dishes. Once you’re done with them, you can finish off your meal with a buttermilk biscuit and a 32-oz drink.

KFC Kids Meal – Now your kids won’t be left behind with this Kentucky Fried Chicken Special. This meal comes with a choice of either a drumstick, popcorn chicken or an extra crispy strip and one side dish of your kid’s choice. Together with this combination is a Capri Sun Juice Drink or a small drink and one serving of Sargento Light String Cheese.

Double Down Sandwich – One of the newest additions to the Kentucky Fried Chicken Specials. Its “bun” is made with two pieces of chicken fillets packing two pieces of bacon, two pieces of jack cheese and the Colonel’s special sauce.